How to Make a Tasty Empal Gentong Recipe . For friends who like soup, surely you already know that there are lots of variations of the Original Indonesian Soto Recipes spread in our country. Supply from those who use clear soup, coconut milk, fill in innards, chicken and others, such as Soto Banjar Recipe, Soto Madura Recipe, Soto Lamongan and others. But friends know not, there is one variety of soto dishes that do not use the word soto in it, namely the Cirebon Empal Gentong Cuisine Recipe. This time, I will give you a recipe for empal barrel and simple tips to make it.

The first time I heard about Empal Gentong cuisine in my mind was fried beef. Because in my village, empal meat means soft fried beef by hitting the meat or better known as fried empal recipe. Apparently, after I tried to taste it, this Cirebon- style Empal Gentong recipe is one of the variations of Soto cuisine that uses a mixture of beef, tripe, beef spleen and other beef offal as its main contents. Of course, such as tongseng recipes and other recipes, empal gentong cirebon is also very well suited to be eaten with warm white rice or rice cake. Usually crackers and dried chili sauce are also used to add to their taste.

Like other Indonesian Recipes that use beef and innards as their main ingredients, this Cirebon Empal Gentong Recipe is indeed not suitable for everyone. For patients with acute cholestoral disease, high blood pressure and acute heart disease, you should be very careful in consuming this dish. For children and adults in normal conditions, the protein and nutritional content of offal and beef is good, but for sufferers of the disease I mentioned it should be more careful with the high fat content and it is better to consult a doctor first. Or for friends whose conditions are still okay, but want to be on guard, we recommend that raw materials such as cow spleen, beef liver and other innards be removed and only use beef as a filling in the empal barrel barrel recipe. Okay, for those who can’t wait to make it, please see the detailed ingredients of the Empal barrel and how to make it below.

Delicious Empal Gentong Recipe ingredients

  1. The main ingredient needed is 250 grams of beef. Choose the main part or the bottom of the armpit. Usually also called brisket meat.
  2. Cow’s innards (spleen and beef liver) are approximately 100-200 grams. Wash thoroughly before use. If you do not want to use offal, you can replace it with 100 grams of lime meat.
  3. Coconut milk thick around approximately 350-400 grams. Try to use freshly grated coconut juice.
  4. Approximately 1 / 4-1 / 2 coconut fruit is needed.
  5. Bay leaves wash as much as 1-2 sheets.
  6. Galangal which has been crushed and washed 2-3 cm long.
  7. Ginger that has been washed and crushed 3 cm long.
  8. Lemongrass is about 1 stick.
  9. 4 pcs of cloves.
  10. Cinnamon is approximately 2 cm.
  11. Large medium size garlic 3 pcs.
  12. Turmeric that has been cleaned and burned is approximately 3cm long.
  13. Local red onion approximately 7 pcs. Peel the skin.
  14. Coriander is roasted first, about 1/2 to 3/4 small spoons.
  15. Cumin is about half a small spoon / teaspoon.
  16. 1 pcs of roasted candlenut has a large medium size.
  17. Turmeric that has been burned and peeled is approximately 3cm long.
  18. Cardamom is approximately 3 pcs.
  19. Adequate white sugar (approximately as much as one teaspoon).
  20. Adequate Chives Leaves for decoration. Wash the wipes and cut into small pieces before using.
  21. Iodized kitchen salt to taste.
  22. Just enough cooking oil to saute.
  23. Adequate clean water (approximately 900-1000 ml).

How to Make Cirebon Empal Gentong Cuisine Recipes

  1. Cut the beef according to taste. Don’t be too small and not too big so the meat is really soft. For perfect results, try not to wash the meat.
  2. Boil the beef lemur with kuarang water over 1100 ml until the meat is tender. When using innards, beef offal is also boiled but the place is different. After the beef is tender, take the cauliflower as much as 900-1000 ml.
  3. While waiting for soft meat, friends can prepare the marinade.
  4. Blend the garlic, cardamom, candlenut, red onion turmeric and coriander.
  5. Saute the seasoning that has been mashed over with a little oil until fragrant.
  6. Add sugar, salt and cumin. Stir again until evenly mixed.
  7. Spread lemongrass, galangal and ginger. Enter into the seasoning ingredients above while stirring constantly stirring.
  8. Add cinnamon, cloves, bay leaves and kitchen salt again.
  9. Add the thick coconut milk and the meat. Stir again until blended and the coconut milk boils.
  10. Add the meat stock that has been set aside above. Stir again until boiling and the meat is really tender.
  11. Last taste before turning it off. If you need to add more salt and sugar until you get a taste that really fits on the tongue.