These wet cakes with beautiful colors and a soft and creamy texture are indeed very appetizing. The distinctive aroma of pandan green and savory coconut milk is indeed a perfect blend. Not to mention the cute shape is not wrong, many people call it Putu Ayu or also called Kue Putri Ayu. Even in this modern era, traditional wet cakes are still sought after and made as a main dish for daily meals or snacks. This putu ayu cake recipe may be forgotten by a young mother or millennial teenager. They may be more interested in modern snack recipes such as sweet bread recipes , jhon bread or more popular bakery bread. But as an Indonesian community, of course we are also obliged to preserve our culinary wealth not. So for this time we are from the recipe for will invite friends at home to make this beautiful and soft putu ayu.

Just like various other pastries on the market, how to make beautiful and soft putu ayu cakes is very practical, simple and simple. In fact, we can also use simple ingredients without chemicals such as emulsifer cake or cake developers. After all, in the days of our parents, we used a variety of baking ingredients and chemical breads that were not commonly used. Indeed, in general, traditional wet cakes today also use emulsifer cake and cake developers to make them look more infectious and expand. But even then the cake can be made easily and the results are also beautiful. For the green color, if there is none, the average seller of this cake uses pandan paste. But if you want to be more natural, you can use water from suji leaves or pandan leaves that have been juiced to taste as needed. It’s not right if we want to maintain family health by consuming healthy snacks without chemicals.
How to make putu ayu cake without mixer

One of the obstacles that might make us lazy to make putu ayu cake is probably one of them because we don’t have a mixer. Indeed, the average putu ayu cake recipe we know uses a mixer to make the cake batter. But actually we can also make soft dough without using a mixer. The solution is to use whisk or egg beaters to mix and make this traditional wet cake dough. Beat the prepared mixture until it is thick, or if it is lifted, do not drop the mixture.

1. Simple Putu Ayu Cake Recipe

Like traditional wet cakes, how to make putu ayu cake is also very practical and simple. Without much need for chemicals, we can make traditional snacks that are liked by husbands and children. Although the texture of this traditional green cake is simple, it is soft, tender and looks menulous. No less is the same as those sold by cake sellers at the market market or pastry shops around us.

the way to make putu ayu is simple

simple putu ayu soft

Dough ingredients for 25 cakes

  • Wheat flour is approximately 150 grams.
  • Medium size chicken eggs approximately 2 pcs.
  • Emulsifer cake or SP approximately 1 teaspoon.
  • Medium thickness coconut milk is approximately 150 ml.
  • Adequate sugar according to taste or approximately 125 grams.
  • Just a little baking powder or about 1/4 small spoon.
  • Pandan paste or enough pandan leaf juice to taste.
  • The young coconut which has been grated and steamed continues to be sprinkled with a little salt about 1/2 grain.

The way to make putu ayu cake is simple

  • Take the container and mix flour and baking powder and stir with a spoon or spatula until blended.
  • Add the eggs and sugar into the container then shake or mixer until bubbly and on the feet.
  • Add the emulsifer cake then the mixer again at high speed until it moves and looks stiff.
  • Move the speed to the lowest then add the flour mixture little by little until smooth. Don’t put it too long, putu ayunya dough mixer.
  • Add the coconut milk into the batter container then stir stir gently and reverse the direction until evenly mixed.
  • Add the pandan paste or food coloring then stir again until the color is flat.
  • Take the mold that has been smeared with a little oil and then add the steamed and slightly pressed coconut so that later it does not fall apart when removed.
  • Add the batter and repeat until it runs out.
  • Add it to the steaming pan and cook until done or for about 20 minutes.
  • Lift and remove from the mold and then ready to serve.

2. Soft Putu Ayu recipe

Basically, the texture of the wet cake is soft, soft and looks menul not sticky. But sometimes if we buy this cake at the cake shop it looks more fluffy and softer. It turns out they use cake softener or commonly called emulsifer cake. If in the old days our parents often called it SP, the actual kebutulan was the brand name of the emulsifer cake. If friends want to try traditional traditional style snacks, the basak putu ayu cake recipe below can be tried at home.

Ingredients Soft Putu Ayu Cake

  • The first ingredient is approximately 400 grams of wheat flour.
  • Good quality baking powder is about 1 small spoon.
  • SP or emulsifer cake approximately 1 small spoon.
  • Adequate vanilla or approximately 1 small pack.
  • Large medium chicken eggs are approximately 4 pcs.
  • Adequate sugar according to taste or approximately 350 grams.
  • Pandan paste or green food coloring to taste as needed.
  • Coconut milk is approximately 400 ml (I made it from as much as 65 ml plus water).

Additional ingredients

  • Grated young coconuts or as little as 1 coconut.
  • Maize flour or can also use sago flour approximately 2 tablespoons.
  • Adequate vegetable oil to coat the cake mold.

How to make soft putu soft

  • First steam the mixture of sago flour, salt to taste and grated coconut until cooked or for about 10 minutes.
  • Combine flour with baking powder then set aside.
  • Mix the coconut milk with the green dye or the pasta paste and set aside.
  • Add the sugar with the eggs, SP and vanilla into the container then shake using a high mixer until it looks stiff.
  • After the rigid set to low speed then enter the flour mixture a little then replace it with a little coconut milk
  • solution alternately until it runs out then turn it off.
  • Add the grated coconut that has been steamed into the mold (don’t forget to bake it with oil first) then enter the
  • pastry mixture. Remember, don’t be too full, it’s only about 75% of the height.
  • Put it in the steaming pan and cook until done.
  • Remove it from the mold and special soft and menul putu ayu cake is ready to be served.

3. Recipe for Kue Putu Ayu Without Santan

Friends will certainly assume that to make this traditional pastry recipe you should always use coconut milk instead. Now if you have tried this recipe, the assumption is definitely gone. Even without using coconut milk, putu ayu cake that we make is still tasty and delicious. Actually the key lies in the old coconut water used. This coconut water that still makes the putu ayu cake recipe without coconut milk that we make the taste and aroma is still tasty.